Because we began as an e-commerce business and then grew into managing PPC accounts for clients, as opposed to being born as a PPC management company, we understand better than any other PPC management company just how important your PPC investment and results are to your bottom line. We are a family owned and operated company. We treat each other and our valued employees as family and we will manage your campaign the same way. As Family.

Every visit to your website is an opportunity to convert, and our job is to deliver as many high quality visits at the lowest acquisition cost possibly to your website. That is the fundamental belief behind our approach to PPC management.

Building your adwords campaign starts with understanding and analyzing your business. Together with your team we will examine and study your products, strengths, selling points, customer base buildup, what differentiates you, and yes .. your weaknesses. We will also take an in-depth look at your competition using the same set of criteria.

Our data collection process allows us to build your campaign to target the right online clientele, to create flawless landing pages, implement dynamic and targeted Shopping Feeds, Analytical visitor data, provide suggestions for website improvements and collect customer feedback for product and service improvements.

No two accounts are alike, and every campaign is tailored to your specific company, industry and budget. We manage accounts with monthly budgets starting at $500 to clients spending $100.000+ each month. But regardless of client spending we commit the same process to each account, and include some or all of the points listed below.

Step 1 – Initial Analysis, Strategy and Setup

  • Gain a complete understanding of your business with regards to PPC
  • Website review and ongoing PPC consultation
  • Complete analysis of your PPC History and current campaigns – when applicable
  • Determine your initial Expectations and specify goals
  • Develop the initial PPC strategy
  • Design, compose and build proper campaigns for all available PPC options: Search, Display, Remarking, Product Listing, Shopping Ads and more.
  • Comprehensive keyword research and selection
  • Collect, build and implement a comprehensive negative keyword list
  • Keyword categorization, matching options and ad group development
  • Compose effective ad copy – Including multiple ads in each ad group for continuous testing
  • Ad timing and geographical targeting
  • Tracking code installation for Google/Bing Analytics and PPC conversion

Step 2 – Continuous Account Management

  • Dedicated Account Executive for questions, ideas, support, stats and anything that comes to your mind.
  • Ongoing website and business consulting
  • Continued PPC strategy and development reviews
  • Daily bid and position monitoring to achieve performance goals
  • Weekly keyword analysis
  • Ongoing ad copy analysis and testing
  • Weekly conversion tracking
  • Constant account analysis focused on increasing volume, decrease spending, increase conversion rates, higher CTR and improving quality scores.

Contact us today and learn how our profit driven approach to adwords campaigns can increase your visibility, attract the right customer and maximize your earnings.